Downloading the following file (or subscribing to the google calendar) will update the calendar on your computer with the fixtures for Newcastle United for the season 2016-2017. This year there is only one file which includes the (as of today) known fixtures in the Pre-season, EFL (League) cup, FA cup and the Championship. The NUFC entries can be loaded into Apple's iCal, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or any other calendar that accepts the vcalendar format. The link can be subscribed to in any calendar and is especially useful for mobile devices.

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All calendar entries are in universal time (UTC) and therefore will be added to your calendar with a kick-off time dependant on your time zone. For example if you're in Europe under central European time (CET) the calendar entry for a normal Saturday kick-off will be added as 16:00 (4pm) whereas if you're in the UK the same entry will be added with a kick-off time of 15:00 (3pm).

Option 1 : Download the Calendar File

  • Click on the icon below and save the zip file to your computer.
  • Unzip the downloaded file which will create a ".vcs" file.

2016-2017 Fixtures

[Click to download the Newcastle United fixtures file for 2016-2017]
In Calendar (Mac OS X)
  • In Finder locate the ".vcs" file on your computer and double-click or right-click and open the file
  • Select the category to assign the entries to and confirm
In Outlook (Windows or Mac OS X)
  • Select "File" and then "Import and Export" from the drop down menu
  • Select "Import a vCalendar or iCalendar file"
  • Locate the ".vcs" file on your computer and confirm
In Google Calendar
  • Select "Add" and then "Import calendar" from the Other Calendars box on the left-hand side
  • Press the "Choose File" button and locate the ".vcs" file on your computer
  • Select the calendar you wish to add the fixtures to from the drop down menu
  • Press the "Import" button to load the calendar

Option 2 : Subscribe to the Google Calendar

In Calendar, Outlook, Google Calendar etc.
  • With this method all fixtures will be updated as and when I update the main calendar
  • Select Calendar Subscriptions, copy the following HTTP address and paste where indicated.
  • In iOS, add a subscribed calendar through Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Add Account.
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